I agree those are important factors to handle in a system. From what I've read, anthropologists believe that an important component of hunter gatherer societies is the ability of people to leave a group and either join another group or decide to live by themselves; i.e. voting with their feet and freedom of association.

I found an article that claims 151 cooperative projects in the state of New Jersey. I was able to find a paper company opened last August in Newark and a few housing cooperatives.

In the case of the housing cooperative, most people rent like any other apartment complex, but they get to elect the board of directors and their money goes directly towards paying expenses rather than profits for landlords.

The Newark paper company's website is mostly customer facing so I can't find its bylaws, but in my experience worker coops usually have a time period workers stay on for before they get full voting/ownership rights. A trial/probation period or whatever you want to call it is not unheard-of in privately-owned enterprises.

So long as the institutions are is self-sustaining, people can associate however they'd like, whether it's cooperative or not.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

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