I agree with all of this. With “conservative”, I’m generally referring to an idealized philosophical position rather than any specific real-life political movement. “Conservatives” obviously have no problem cancelling stuff, whether it’s Lil Nas X or the Muppets or Potato Head or whatever. Probably the most unusual thing about this new trend of cancelling from the left is it’s traditionally been the right’s thing, whether from moral panic or McCarthyism.

One thing I noticed a while back was the irony of the right-wing always talking about state’s rights and federalism, yet the left-wing has been using the laboratories of democracy principle for many of their major programs which the right of course has opposed, often with the threat of federal action. It was the left who legalized gay marriage and marijuana on the state level first and also has tried abolishing the electoral college through the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Most of the “wokeness” events they complain about also come from obscure small-scale experiments.

I think what I really want to do is turn the idea of conservatism on its head, and ultimately pull people away from the right by demonstrating how the “conservative” talking heads usually fail to live up to their own principles. They say they care about traditional families and problem solving at the community level, but when a Black Lives Matter website talks about raising children with help from extended families and members of the community, they lose their minds. Not to mention how the criminal justice system and any number of other institutions they want to expand or policies they want to eliminate actively pull families and communities apart.

I’ve been entertaining this idea of leftist “conservatism” for a while now, insofar as I think certain conservative ideas should be appropriated by the left. Family, community, and civil society are incredibly important, and while the right just talks about them, we should actually do something about it. I also fundamentally like the idea of working at the local level and creating federalist/confederalist organizations based on networks of successful experiments.


Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

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