I don't agree with most of the recommendations for messaging. Definitely talking about revolution with the implication of the use of violent force is irresponsible and just a bad idea. However, I think Black Lives Matter for example is actually one of the best movements/marketing campaigns the left has had in a really long time. It's provocative and at the same time you can't really reject it in a way that's not bad faith: it opens up a conversation. The right is no stranger to using this style of message: MAGA is definitely provocative but it also focuses the conversation on things they want to talk about. Although there was a backlash what I saw was people of all races on both the left and right unifying very strongly on this in a way they probably wouldn't on practically any other issue.

I have mixed feelings about talking about socialism/communism/anarchism because the general understanding of what those words mean has a much different form than what I understand them as. I think it's useful to use those terms if it starts up a conversation, but it may be better to talk about "workplace democracy" and so on in circumstances where socialism could easily be misconstrued as referring to a corporatist or authoritarian state. The problem I have most of all is how some people will name drop their ideological label and then not explain it. I can imagine a conversation going something like: "I'm an anarchist" "pshaw, are you serious?" "yes, I believe that we need to be critical of all forms of hierarchy and power, and that we can organize society in ways that don't require violence" "Wow you are so insightful and also attractive, where can I get your newsletter?"

I would point out that Trump's messaging was insanely brash/divisive/harsh and he still inspires some pretty unfathomable loyalty to this day. People liked him because he didn't pull any punches and was willing to destroy the existing political framework. I think there's definitely room for being a lot more assertive and audacious in certain circumstances, although there are obvious downsides to this if used improperly.

With the climate stuff, I'm pretty upset with Biden and all them for scrapping the Green New Deal when it has so many provisions that deal with concerns about jobs and so on. Like you said, clean energy jobs are actually pretty great and fossil fuel jobs are often really bad for people which is probably why some of the first major union battles were in coal mines. There's a lot of propaganda that the Republicans push that URBAN DEMOCRATS don't care about rural folx and I feel like the left really needs to lean into programs that support all workers and potentially even alienate moderate Democrats (with a capital D) by being very in touch with the rural poor in a way that liberals often fail to do.

I hope this wasn't too lengthy, I have a tendency to write a lot. I agree entirely that leftist messaging needs to be more tailored, more inclusive, and it needs to find its own unique mode of tactics that doesn't pull from the unethical elements of the right.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.