I get the impression that the clickbait issue is something the editors are pretty unhappy with too. Most of my articles get curated by the staff but it feels like the ones that have actually blown up are perhaps the sloppiest articles I’ve written. I have one article that has 14 views and three fans and one that has 154 views and only one fan, so it’s pretty bizarre dealing with the algorithm as I’m sure you know.

Kat Blaque did a really good video basically talking about how frustrating it is that white “leftTubers” get criticized for their arguments while she has to spend most of her time dealing with assumptions people make about her being a black/trans woman. I imagine there’s a fairly strong push to make emotionally charged content when it feels like people aren’t going to listen to rational points anyway.

That being said, many circles on the left foster an echo chamber environment that makes it difficult to explore ideas or explain those ideas to new people. There’s a disturbing tendency for people with terrible ideas to hide behind “left unity” but then turn around and rip apart anything that feels even slightly outside the lefty bubble. I like the quote by ContraPoints about people who think “Stalin did nothing wrong but Rachel Maddow is a war criminal.” With friends like these, who needs enemies, and so on. I feel like we should make an effort to be significantly more accepting/agreeable with people on the outside and much much much more critical of groups and ideas within the left.

I’m interested in what you’ve written about all this, I’ll definitely check your stuff out. I just opened your profile and that job hunting and motivation article is way too relatable.

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