I have a different perspective on it. I wrote an article on this a while ago, but generally the right uses the culture wars as a way to resist anti-bigotry tactics we know work. For example, when the new Star Wars movies came out a lot of people were extremely resistant to the character portrayed by Marie Tran as being “forced diversity” because she was asian, which is especially appropriate now given the recent rise in anti-asian violence.

There’s also a tendency for certain right wing commentators to give out blatantly bad faith arguments like Ben Shapiro saying that “rap isn’t music”. I’ve also written an article addressing that tangentially. These arguments are really annoying but they can’t be left to stand because they’re part of a narrative people use to delegitimize movements like BLM. Systemic racism doesn’t exist, black people are just suffering from a degenerate culture and you can tell because of their rap “music”.

Right wing commentators constantly make arguments against “cultural Marxism” which is a concept that doesn’t really represent any other besides the “cultural Bolshevism” the Nazis used to complain about. Ben Shapiro certainly isn’t a Nazi and I don’t think someone like Jordan Peterson is one either, but it’s a little weird that they constantly parrot a concept that is one synonym away from being a National Socialist talking point.

I think the really interesting aspect of Dickens’ portrayal of the Terror is that he makes it super blatant and clear cut that someone like Madame Defarge is about as justified in her position as she possibly could be. Even with that, ruling through a reign of terror is still wrong. It makes me think of another great writer on the French revolutionary period, Victor Hugo, and how he focused so much on the French judicial system. I imagine Hugo would have been more than a little sympathetic to the BLM protests.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

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