I suppose I don't know exactly what the history of the two terms is, so I've been floating around the various definitions that people use. With my linguistics background I tend to take for granted that the meaning of words is determined by how they're used rather than their histories or dictionary definition etc.

So I feel locked into a situation where either I have to force my own definition onto other people or meet people where they're at with the definitions they're used to. The problem with the latter of course is that it seems intentionally designed to limit decision making to a nonsensical binary paradigm and it leads to really weird conclusions like voting for Bernie Sanders is going to lead us to Nazi Germany or whatever. That's roughly the point I was trying to make with this article.

My problem with the former is that I've noticed even among leftists there doesn't seem to be any consistent definition of what socialism is, so it basically comes down to preference rather than anything rigorous.


Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

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