I think your article is very well done and I appreciate you sharing it with me. I suppose a large part of my distaste for comparisons to Rome arise from the fact that the history is written entirely by the upper classes and tends to advocate for or implicitly accept a conservative-centrist position which I disagree with. It reminds me of a recent op ed in the Denver Post that talked about a "liberal-urban" assault on rural areas and cited light regulation of oil companies and prison reform as cases of elitists forces a way of life on people they don't care about or understand. This is of course in the aftermath of a string of record setting wildfires the likes of which transcend anything that has happened in the history of the state or even the country. I don't know if it's possible to compromise with people who think it's their prerogative to exploit people and the environment to the point of collapse.

I guess there's a tendency for people when they discuss Roman history to either equivocate the perspectives of different factions or even take on the perspectives of the aristocracy writing the histories which I disagree with. As someone who has been heavily influenced by my experiences living in Egypt around 2017, I have a very strong distaste for the xenophobia and dehumanization of foreigners and the slave class implicit in Roman histories. I feel like the needs of the middle and upper classes tend to be emphasized for obvious reasons but as someone who knows people who occupy the lower to middle strata of the "third world" I dislike that our discourse so often leaves out the perspectives of people who truly have the most to lose and gain from political decisions. Egypt of course went through a revolution which was then coopted by the military and there is now a pretty extreme fatalism that occupies pretty much every level of society there save perhaps the ultra wealthy. Perhaps that's something I should write an article about.

I appreciate that you paint Tiberius Gracchus as a rational actor and start off with economic concerns.


Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

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