If I understand that last part correctly, you’re saying something along the lines of economists need to justify their analysis by excluding specific concepts, i.e. deficit spending is for overcoming recessions, not for achieving social justice. Thinking about raw labor and materials it seems like we should be able to solve numerous problems like homelessness, winding down for a pandemic/global warming, hunger, etc, but under our current system we have failed to do so. The reasons why are incredibly mystical and as an economist you do have to prove you hold some sort of arcane knowledge to justify your continued employment in light of these failures.

The idea of economics as a religious institution is spicy but I feel like it’s becoming more intuitive to people to think that way. NFTs are a recent example of this, but people have been talking about worshipping the dollar and so on for a long time and the prosperity gospel is almost a literal example of that. Admittedly, although I spent a lot of time in high school learning about economics it really is an arcane subject and I can’t remotely claim any sort of expertise. That being said, I have written an article specifically about money, which I’d interested to hear your thoughts on.


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