It's really difficult to evaluate the degree to which culture war drama actually affects things. I tend to be very skeptical of these effects, but that may be a bias against the right which tends to blatantly blow it out of proportion. Corporate power is very stable in the United States and I find it hard to believe that these actions are much more than standard publicity stunts.

Obviously efforts to punish politicians are a genuine power play, but my inclination is to interpret it as corporations seeing the writing on the wall and moving to safer financial investments. The Republican party is in an incredibly precarious position right now and I would not be my money on them.

Then again, there is something optimistic in these corporate maneuvers. You can expect corporations to lack any genuine belief besides maximizing profit, so if they start openly supporting queer rights or black lives matter then you can deduce that enough of the population supports these things that they don't feel it's a risk.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

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